PIL GritBlast Northampton for sand and grit blasting



PIL Gritblast has been in the business of blast cleaning for nearly 30 years - from cars to kids' bikes to small engineered parts.


We are a local Northampton company and have expert in-house facilities.


Where possible we use recycled materials in our operation - only a very small percentage of our usage comes from non-recycled products.  One of our main blasting materials is recycled glass and can be used in both dry and wet applications.


Nearly any solid material can be blast cleaned - from most types of metal to brickwork to concrete and even wood… the list goes on and on.


Abrasive cleaning can remove paint, rust, surface oil, welding discoloration and much more.


Our operators are fully experienced in achieving the level of finish you require including preparation to SA 2.5 normally required for re-coating. Blast cleaning can be one of the most cost-effective ways to remove paint, dirt, rust scale and many other old coatings - including good old dirt.


If you’re not sure if the item you have can be blast cleaned why not contact us and get an honest, no nonsense answer.



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